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Escape Mode

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Escape Mode is a PvP game mode for up to 8 players. As with the other PvP modes there will be a number (generally 2) of players randomly chosen to be the pursuers (Grannies). The rest of the players are the survivors (children) who must try to escape.

To get out they must search the house looking for keys and items that are needed to let them open the barred exit doors and escape.

The grannies will be able to roam the house and hit to capture any of the children they find. The grannies can lay traps to help them catch the survivors.

There is also an Escape (items) mode which adds slightly to this with extra options for the grannies and items such as pins for the survivors to collect and help them against the grannies.

Hints and Tips for Escape Mode

For both Survivors and Pursuers knowing your way around the house is very important. Being able to evade quickly from any approaching granny will give you the best chance of escaping the house as any time spent in the prison will slow down the survivors efforts.

As a survivor you will want to pay attention in each game to the location of the coloured doors. As keys are found these will be opened and you can search the hidden rooms for items. Beware being corenered by a granny in there though.

Likewise you will find other dead ends, especially in passages that lead to the escape doors. Until these are ready to open you will stand a chance of being trapped here if a granny is close behind.

Keep a keen eye out for the warning of granny being near you, if they are in pursuit then you will also see the red glow on the floor which, if you are inside, means you can be hit and captured. Jumping can help you avoid being hit if you are lucky and quick direction changes can also get you out of range if you are lucky.

Granny is watching you in prison
Granny is watching you in prison

If children are captured then any of the other survivors can rescue them. On the top floor in the center is the prison with a button on a stand on either side. Approach and interact with this for a few seconds to release the captives. You must decide if the time and risk of releasing your fellow survivors is worth it against trying to make the escape in the limited time you have available. The more of you that are running free thought the most chance you have of finding the items you need.

As a Granny you will also need a good idea of the house layout and should also pay attention to the doors. You will also be able to lay traps that will immobilize a survivor and leave them ready to be captured. When you lay these remember where they are so that you can quickly get back to them when you see a message that a survivor is trapped. Likewise if a key is found you can move quickly the appropriate colored door to try to catch any children in that location.

The escape doors are your final option. They take some time to open so if you see that the survivors have all the items they need to make your way to a door and try to stop the escape attempt.

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