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Granny's house is a multiplayer survival game that pits you against other gamers from around the world in a cat and mouse style escape scenario. The game though features many different game modes to enjoy which include both co-operative PvE and also PvP options.

Below is a run down of the options to choose from and how to play them.


This is a PvP game mode for up to 8 players. Art the start of the game up to 2 of the players will randomly be chosen as pursuers (Grannies). You cannot select this. The rest of the players are the survivors (children) and they must search the house looking for keys and items that are needed to escape. While doing this they must avoid the grannies who will be able to also search the house for them, lay traps and if they catch a child it will be locked up in a prison room.

If children are captured then others can approach and interact with the buttons near the prison to rescue them. Although this takes time away from the escape attempt and Granny could be watching to attack the rescuer. If any one of the children manage to escape in the time limit then they win. If not, or if the grannies capture all the children before the time runs out then the grannies win.

Escape (Items)

This is essentially the same game as above but with a few options for the players. Grannies can have other skills than laying traps and items can be found in the house for the children to attack the grannies with.

Story Mode

This is a PvE mode set up for 4 players. In this co-op game you will need to work with other players to take on waves of enemies as you work your way through several episodes (locations). All the players play the role of children and are escaping through these locations. Defeating all the waves will clear that episode and earn you rewards. Each player plays a different role as part of the escaping team. At the start of the game you can select which of 6 classes you want to play as. For more information on this game mode see our Story Mode Guide.


Another game mode with PvP element. Up to 6 players will join and 1 will become the Granny. The rest must search the house for torches and use them to get embers. These are then taken to one of the braziers to fill it. Once 3 braziers are full the escape door opens and children can escape. The granny can knock out children and also put out braziers if they are not yet full. If they take out all survivors then the granny wins. The Granny is more dangerous in this mode as she can now rush to wherever she wants. Those playing as the survivors will get random abilities from Story mode every 60 seconds to help them.


Another PvP escape option, this time where you can be both a survivor and a pursuer in the game. The Survivors in the game need to find items in the map and use them to escape. One or two of the players will randomly become pursuers and try to stop the children. If the Granny captures a child then they swap places. The child player become a granny and the granny now become a child trying to escape. As a child you must find the items you need and avoid being caught so you can get out and win.


This is another PvP mode for 4, 6 or 8 players. In it players are divided into two team, with each team needing to occupy key ares in the map. You can attack the other team to try to disrupt their captures and after occupying successfully you can become a pursuer for a while to try to capture the other team’s children.

Craft Mode

This is a special mode that lets players set up their own game modes based on the available game modes with custom rules, size and game duration. If you fancy a go at improving on wheat is already there then you can set a map up to your liking and let others play it for likes.

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