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How to play with friends

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How to play with friends

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Granny's house is a fun multiplayer survival game with many different game modes to enjoy. These modes offer co-operative PvE and also PvP options for you to play with world wide gamers. These is a good chance that you will want to be able to play the games with friends.

While you can invite players to a friends list, and also join a clan all of which let you chat or send messages there isn't a simple way to simply create a game and invite friends.

What you can do though is create private rooms. When you create a new game of any mode you can set a password. You then need to communicate this password to the players that you want to be able to join the game. You can do this before hand in the chat options, or outside of the game in any other chat or social channels you can talk to your friends on.

Before you create the game you will need to make sure that you are all access in the same server. The other players will need to be able to look for and find your game room. Give it a suitable name that they can spot.

When they look through the list of available games to join you can filter the list to only locked (private / password protected) games by tapping the padlock symbol to the top right of the game list.

We hope you enjoy running, hiding and seeking your friends in Granny's House. If you have any questions for the game check the Answers Page for more help.

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