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The Story mode in Granny's House is an online PvE game mode. It is multiiplayer as with the rest of the game but all the players will form a co-operative group of children survivors in an attempt to escape the house.

You will move as a groups through various areas of the house and take on several waves of enemy grannies and other pursuer characters that will swarm you and try to knock you out. To defeat the enemies you will need to attack them with stones bombs and other weapons that you characters can have.

Each player will be able to plays a different role in the escape each of which lets then use a different weapon or ability. There are 6 possible classes to play:


This role enables the player to set up bombs and wait for them to explode. The bombs are usually set up where multiple Grannies are standing to attack them all at once. There is a cooldown involved, however, as players are limited to setting up only 3 bombs at once.


The Marksman throws stones at the Grannies. You can have up to 3 stones and they can damage up to 3 enemies at a time.


The trapper sets up traps to deal damage and render the enemies temporarily unable to move for a few seconds


This role enables players to lay puppet traps and create a poisonous radius that will deal damage and the enemies will get slowed down.


The Beater can set up a scarecrow that draws a few Grannies’ attention. Upon destroying the scarecrow explodes and deals damage to the grannies.


The Healer heals teammates by creating a green area where all team members can stand and get healed. If the children are within the healing radius when getting hit by Grannies, they deal 25% less damage from Grannies’ strikes.

In all cases you can upgrade the class as you play and can eventually unlock extra buffs.

It is important for any escape attempt that there is a mix of classes used. You will need to be able to damage the enemies that you face which most of the classes are able to do, but you should also have a healer as it is easy to take damage and without being able to heal your character will be knocked out.

During the game it is possible to revive yourself. Once for free and after that using Souls. It will cost a lot of souls though if you need to keep reviving so having a healer and making use of the healers skill regularly will make a big difference.

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