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Granny's House brings together a variety of popular game play aspects in a fun multiplayer experience. You join up with other gamers in public or private lobbies with a choice of different cat and mouse style games.

As survivors (kidnapped children) you need to fight or evade capture while working your way to an exit to escape the scary house. Or you can play as a pursuer and try to catch and stop the survivors from escaping.

Hints for playing Granny's House
Hints for playing Granny's House

Hints and Tips for Granny's House

The first tip is to try out each game mode to see what you enjoy playing. There are a lot of options and while many have similarities they are different enough to keep it interesting.

It is then a good idea to familiarize yourself with the layouts of the rooms and routes in each mode as they vary a lot. Knowing likely locations of items and the best routes to escape from granny will help you survive.

Avoiding Granny (enemies)
When playing the PvP modes, where other players are Granny, there are ways to avoid capture. Granny can move as fast as you but you are small so look for the smaller holes and vents in various locations that will let you get away from the pursuer.

Knowing the layout of the maps is important here as mentioned above as finding the escape holes will be a life saver but encountering a dead end will almost certainly end in capture.

Granny needs a second to swing and hit to capture you and you will have a red indicator on the ground if you are within swing range. Keep moving to stay out of that. Jumping at the right moment seems to help. Making a sudden switch back in the opposite direction towards granny if they are close to you can also help you avoid being hit.

Be warned though that hiding behind items may not always work as Grannys swing can often pass through objects and still take you out.

Weapons / Abilities
In some modes survivors will play with different classes which give you the option to use weapons/abilities. You can upgrade the weapons to make them more powerful. If you prefer to play as a particular class then concentrate on upgrading that weapon.

Each game you play can reward experience points and items to use for crafting / upgrades. The more you play the better you can get. There are also daily rewards to claim from your mailbox and missions to complete for more. Keep an eye on these and complete or claim whatever you can.

If you have any questions for playing Granny's House please head over to the Answers Page to ask there.

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Great game with cute characters. It might look like a scary game but it's not. It is quite addictive though.
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