Durango: Wild Lands

Organisations in Durango

Organisations in Durango
Durango: Wild Lands Guide

Durango Wild Lands has several different organizations that act as NPC quest givers in the game. They will give you missions through the Communications Center that is found on Unstable Islands.

Completing the missions for each of them will let you gain trust and then you will be able to request special support packages from them. These packages contain a variety of items that you will need for your character ranging from basic food up to high-level crafting components.

Below are the official bios of the organisations available in the game.

The Company
Contact: K
The Company is focused on saving new Warp victims. One of the first people you will meet in Durango will be K—a representative of The Company. Assist The Company by participating in their humanitarian efforts across the lands of Durango to save as many people as possible from these harsh lands.

Chlorophyll Forum
Contact: Lui Jei
The Chlorophyll Forum is a group of people who see the wonder of Durango’s lush and natural landscape. They want to protect and live in harmony with nature. By living in balance with the natural world they believe they can thrive in this new world. They strive to show everyone they don’t have to sacrifice comfort to live in balance with nature.

Frontier Coalition
Contact: Novak
The Frontier Coalition sees Durango as an opportunity. They want to push the people living here into the industrial age and take advantage of the perks that would come with it. They are the ones who established the T-Stone currency system that is now used throughout Durango and are using that to fuel the further development of technology and industry in Durango.

The Committee
Contact: X
Not a lot is known about The Committee. It is a mysterious organization whose purpose is seemingly unknown. Their actions seem to be random and don’t look to have a large impact. Some people think they are just some crazy group while others think The Committee is trying to control the fate of Durango itself from the shadows.

Radio University
Contact: Dr. Lamar
Dr. Lamar set up the Radio University to help pioneers carve out their new life in Durango. He uses his vast knowledge to guide and teach any who would listen about what skills they will need in a certain profession.

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