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How to let your friends access your island

How to let your friends access your island
Durango: Wild Lands Guide

Once you have build your domain on an island in Durango Wild Lands and found yourself an alliance to work with or have friends in the game you may want to let them visit your island and perhaps help you out.

In Durango you can give other people access to your island via the domain settings of your menu screen. To do this, first you would add them as friends. Then once added go to your friends list and change their relationship title to ‘close friend’.

To allow access, go into the domain menu and access the ‘Island entry permissions’, Enable island entry and tick the box next to ‘friends’. Then go to ‘manage permissions’ in the domain menu. All the tabs should be set to disabled as the default setting. Go to the 'close friend' tab and enable it. You can enable as many permissions as you wish.

It's a good idea at this point to also go through the friend and outsider tabs to make sure any that you don't want are set to disabled.

When you want to visit someone’s island, if your friend has set their permissions as above, you should go to your friends list and click on their name. Then you will have an option to click for ‘visit island’.
If the correct permissions have not been set an error will appear.

This lets others visit your island and they are able to help you develop but it will remain your island and some thing will still only be active for you.

Remember to check out the Answers Page if you have any questions to ask or can help answer some questions for others.

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