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Hints and Tips for Durango Wild Lands

This is a quick guide to some top tips for getting started in Durango Wild Lands. If you have any questions for the game please check the Answers Page to ask your question.

Your Island
It's a recommended idea to start your domain build near the dock. This can make future travelling easier. We also suggest expanding your domain as soon as you can and build baskets to store your stuff as you will run out of space quickly.

When gathering items you can tap multiple times on a set of items and this will set up a queue that the game will work through for you. You don't need to wait for each collection process to complete before selecting the next one.

To make sure you don't miss anything of interest as you explore you can tap the Magnifying glass icon in the lower right that will identify all object of interest as you move. The crossed swords icon will also zoom out your screen view a little to give to a better view of the surroundings.

The radar / scan icon will scan your surroundings and direct you towards the nearest Crater or Warp Hole location. These are useful for collecting money and fast travelling around the map.

Your combat ability will depend on your stamina, this is used up in battle and needs to regenerate up to a capped level. You need to eat to restore the cap but you can't just eat a lot at once. make sure to keep eating from time to time to keep the stamina up at a good level.

Skill points
You can unlearn 5 skill points everyday for free. This means you can learn skill that are useful to you at the time but you can change your mind and change the points to new skill later if you prefer. For example success rate skills are useful for farming at a low level but are not needed when you reach higher levels.

Getting all the skills to complete a career guide gives good rewards and is the only way to gain reputation points with the organisation Radio University, so make sure to complete them and then just unlearn the skills you aren’t going to use.

Join (or create) a clan as soon as possible as all your experience gained will also generate clan experience points. This will benefit the clan as a whole.

Do not build items and leave them on unstable island. Items on this island can disappear or be stolen by other players.

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