Durango: Wild Lands

How to play Durango Wild Lands

How to play Durango Wild Lands
Durango: Wild Lands Guide

Durango Wild Lands takes you through the Warp which leads you to leads to a mysterious, prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs, natural resources and also interspersed with modern day items that have warped in with you. Go back to basics, collect, fight and survive.

Here we have a basic run down on the aspects of the game to help you get started and some tips for playing the game.

Landscape or Portrait View

One cool option that you have in Durango is playing with the screen the way you want. You get the ability to play in either Landscape or Portrait mode on your phone or tablet. Simply browse to the settings menu, hit the gear icon, and find ‘Screen Orientation’ in the list.

Health, Energy, and Fatigue

Durango has three main resource bars for your character.

- The Red Bar : Health and Life
When you take a hit in combat you will lose a small amount of health. In order to recover Health, take some medicine or rest at a bonfire. Life is the amount of damage you can take before dying. Life regenerates slowly over time and regenerates even faster if you are resting at a building like a bonfire or tent.

- The Blue Bar : Energy and Stamina
Energy is the amount of Stamina you have and is the fuel you use to perform most non-combat actions like gathering, crafting, or building. The only way to recover Energy is by eating food. Stamina is what you use to perform active combat actions like Kick or Body Tackle. Used Stamina is shown as a light blue but will regenerate fairly quickly over time.

- The Smiley Face Bar : Fatigue
Fatigue is how tired your character is becoming from continuous activity. How quickly your fatigue increases will depend on things like what equipment you are wearing and what environment you are in. You can reduce your fatigue by consuming Fatigue resorting items or by resting.

Levelling and Skills

As you perform actions in Durango you will naturally raise your Character and Skill Levels. Almost everything that you do (eg gather, craft, and hunt) will give you EXP in one of the skills areas. The only catch for this is that your skill level cannot exceed your Character Level for any of your skills. This means that if your Character Level is 30 you will not be able to get to level 31 gathering skill until your Character Level first reaches 31.

As you increase your Character Level you will gain Skill Points (SP) that you can spend to unlock various items or actions within the skill trees. You can choose the route that you wish to take to specialise your character with different skill attribute but you can also unlearn 5 skills per day for free. This means you can take skills that are useful to you now and then easily swap them out later for others.

Note: Every 5 Skill Levels you will be required to Research the skill in order to advance its level. You can only activate one skill research at a time so keep in mind what you want to work on and in what order.

Tasks and Rewards

In Durango Wild Lands thre are many task to perform and many rewards to gain. They are given to you for doing everything; from crafting, to levelling, even just logging in. Keep an eye on your menus for activities and pay attention to items with a Red Dot which indicates that it leads to some sort of reward or task for you.

Login Reward: These special rewards are delivered daily for your character. You can also pick up special event rewards on login, or login on weekends for different items.

Daily / Weekly Tasks: These are milestone targets to reach as you play normally through Wild Lands. The rewards range from Experience to T-Stones, and even some Warp Gems if you complete enough of them.

Mail Rewards: Your mail will be a point of contact for delivery of specific game rewards. The mail is located at the top of the menus, Remember to check it regularly.

The Career Guide at Radio University

Once you finish with the tutorial you are out on your own in the world and may wonder what activities to get on with. A good place to start is at the Career Guide from the Radio University organization. The guide is made up of seven sections including Combat, Tailoring, Cooking, and more. Each section starts at the basics and specializes more and more as you keep going.

When you complete a Guide you will receive a special in-game title. This will show off your knowledge to players in the world, but more importantly it grants you stats you can apply to your Character. Use these to configure your character to suit the activities you take part in while exploring the Wildlands.

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