Durango: Wild Lands

Types of Islands in Durango

Types of Islands in Durango
Durango: Wild Lands Guide

The world of Durango is made up of many small islands and while some are permanent, others will be unstable and will shift in and out of Durango. These are the types of islands that make up the world:

Tamed Islands
There are private personal islands where pioneers build their own camp. These are permanent and do not disappear. You can invite others to visit and interact with your tamed island if you allow it.

Unstable Islands
The unstable islands (red swirls) are where you will find higher level resources, dinosaurs to hunt and tame, and the Communications Center quest hub. While they are good for gathering and hunting, these islands will refresh from time to time (disappear) so don’t build anything on them you want to keep.

Civilized Islands
These are higher level islands that clans can claim a Domain to work on together. The islands are permanent however buildings will slowly degrade over time and its will cost T-Stones, (Durango’s currency) to maintain them.

Savage Islands
These are high-level areas where you can participate in PVP activities.

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