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Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game where you can form a party of diverse heroines called Huntresses, each with their own strengths and personalities. Strengthening your individual huntresses is essential for forming a reliable and powerful party that helps in clearing various modes of the game. In our Training Guide, we will cover how to upgrade or star up your huntresses to increase their combat power.

Upgrading Huntresses

Upgrading a huntress increases her level, which in turn, permanently increases her stats. To increase a huntress’ level, you must spend Tala Coins and Practice Points (green potion). These two resources are earned from auto-play, quests, and idle rewards. The amount of Tala Coins and Practice Points required for leveling up increases as the huntress’ level increases. After reaching a certain level, you must also spend Advance Gems to reach the next level. Like the other two resources, Advance Gems are also obtained through the same sources. Each huntress has a level cap. The only way to increase the level cap is by increasing the huntress’ Star (see below).

Training Guide

Starring Up Huntresses

Increasing a huntress’ star increases their level cap and applies permanent stat bonuses. To increase a star, the character’s own Omni Shard must be used. Omni Shards can only be obtained by getting another copy of the huntress through recruitment. Each copy of huntresses you already own will generate 100 Omni Shards. The amount of shards required will increase as your huntress gains more stars.

Training Guide

While increasing a huntress’ Star also increases her level cap, the huntress’ rarity/grade also determines the maximum level they can attain, thanks to their default level cap and the number of stars they can gain. For example, SSR huntresses have a level cap of 80 and they can have up to 6 stars. Since the level cap is increased by 20 for every star gained, a 6-star SSR huntress can reach LV200. On the other hand, a R huntress has a lower default level cap and fewer stars. A 5-star R huntress can only reach LV120.

The stat boosts your huntresses can get from upgrading and star up are considerable so there’s no use holding back in upgrading them. However, you should also focus on your favorite or main huntresses first since the higher their levels get, the more expensive they’ll be.

That concludes our Training Guide for Destiny Girl. For more Destiny Girl content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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