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Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game where you can form a party of diverse heroines called Huntresses. As you play the game, you’ll be able to complete certain tasks and quests. Quests are divided into different categories, each with their own set of rewards. In our Quests Guide, we will discuss the various quests you can regularly take in the game to collect valuable rewards.

Quests can be accessed from the menu of the same name in the lower-left corner of the home screen. There are four quest categories that can be tackled concurrently. Checking these out regularly is recommended, especially if you’re playing daily. You’ll know if you have a complete quest with rewards ready to be claimed if there’s a red dot on the quest’s category icon.

Daily Quest

As the name implies, these quests can be cleared daily. Daily Quests are part of the game’s daily scheduled reset, where most of the repeatable content of the game is refreshed. Each task listed in this category has corresponding Activeness Points. Complete these tasks and accumulate these points to get bonus rewards in the form of “Activeness Chests” for every 20 AP earned.
Quests Guide

Weekly Quest

This is similar to the Daily Quests category since you can still earn Activeness Points for completing any of the tasks. Accumulate enough AP to get bonus rewards for every 20 points. These quests will last for the entire week and will only get refreshed during the game’s scheduled weekly reset every Monday.

Achievement Quest

The rewards for these quests are quite valuable but are given one-time only. These are related to your overall progress in the game so you might be able to complete several of these quests without knowing.
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Bounty Quests

These are time-based quests where you can deploy valid characters on particular tasks and you’ll receive the quest rewards after the huntresses return home. Since you’re not physically sending out your huntresses on errands, you can still use the huntresses you’ve deployed in these quests in normal challenges or fights. Additionally, one huntress can’t take multiple bounty quest deployments at the same time.

Bounty Quests will have its own requirements like rarity, rank, or elemental affinity. Focus on the portion of the pop-up window above the Dispatch button where the requirements are displayed. Using the example below, shows that the quest requires a water and wind huntress, with at least one of them being an SR. Bounty Quests will be refreshed as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset but you can manually reset the list of bounty quests by spending 50 crystals.
Quests Guide

That concludes our Quests Guide for Destiny Girl. For more Destiny Girl content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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