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Destiny Girl Review - A casual, waifu collector experience

Destiny Girl Review - A casual, waifu collector experience
Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game from Next2Play Games. The game features a large roster of attractive anime-style girls, brought to life in Live 2D idle animation. Recruit girls with different personalities and form your ideal party as you tackle the various PvE and PvP content the game has to offer.
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You’ll be recruiting Huntresses - heroines with different classes and elements. You can select up to five huntresses in a team and you’re free to select their formation as well. Combat is automatic by default so you just need to focus on improving their levels and managing their equipment. Each equipment piece can be upgraded as well, further increasing each huntress' combat power. Their skill levels are also tied to their own levels so you don’t need to worry about their skills’ progression either.

Like other heroine-collecting gacha games primarily aimed at the “curious” male demographic, there is an affection level mechanic called Belonging where you can “get close” to your favorite huntresses by giving them gifts and interacting with them. Increasing the belonging gauge allows players to unlock additional information in the character’s profile. This “affection” can be increased by setting your favorite huntresses to appear on the home screen and interacting with them (by touching/poking them) up to 10 times a day.

The game also has an idle reward system. This is a very welcome bonus since you can get rewards even without actively playing the game. The game allows you to store up to 12 hours worth of rewards before getting full. To resume the automatic reward gathering, you have to claim the idle rewards.

Next, let’s talk about the game’s gacha system. The game has several banners; two limited banners, rotational, and permanent banners. Crystals, the premium currency of the game, are used in almost all banners. Thankfully, there are alternative tickets that you can use to summon instead. You can earn crystals and tickets as rewards from various event tasks but the easiest way is topping up with real money or redeeming freebies from various gift codes provided by the developers from time to time.
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The game’s gacha also follows the standard formula, with the best and rarest huntresses having a very low appearance rate. Fortunately, the game has a pity system which guarantees a character after a set number of pulls. For limited banners, recruiting 80 times will allow the player to get the featured limited character. For the other banners, simply recruiting 10x guarantees a SR or SSR character.

The characters are wonderfully-illustrated and smoothly animated using Live2D. Even their chibi counterparts (the actual character models that do the fighting) are quite detailed. You can even interact with your selected huntresses on your home screen to increase their “belonging” towards you. Most of them have idle animation and voiced dialogue as well, giving them life. (Tip: If you hover your cursor or finger near them in the home screen, their eyes will actively follow it)
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The background music in the home screen is relaxing and pleasant to the ears. However, there’s no battle music so you’ll just hear your characters and the sound effects of their attacks. Thankfully, you can toggle the audio settings to your liking, like lowering the character volume. Also, not all characters have voices as well, which is understandable since it’s not practical to put voices on lower-tier characters that players won’t be using that much.

The game is free with in-app purchases but nothing is gated behind a paywall. There are also no ads and the game will not frequently pester you with offerings and bundles. The game also has a VIP system which incentivizes spending players with bonus daily rewards and other quality-of-life features. Overall, Destiny Girl is an enjoyable casual, waifu-collector gacha game. If you enjoyed similar titles and want to try something that’s not going to stress you out, you can consider checking this game out.

4.5 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Jun 3rd 2022

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