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Elemental Counter and Bonus

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Elemental Counter and Bonus

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Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game where you can form a party of diverse heroines called Huntresses. Each huntress has their own elemental affiliation which can affect their combat effectiveness against certain elemental types. In our Elemental Counter and Bonus Guide, we will quickly discuss how the elemental counter mechanic works in the game.

Huntresses belong to one of the six available elements in the game, namely: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. Each element is effective against another specific element. Elemental Counter increases damage by 25% so using the diagram below for example, fire attacks will deal 25% more damage against wind targets. Light and Dark are both effective against each other so they’ll deal 25% damage against each other. There seems to be no damage reduction if an ineffective element attacks the stronger element (for example, wind attacks fire)
Elemental Counter and Bonus

The elemental affinity of the huntresses deployed on the field can also grant attribute bonuses. Attack and HP bonuses are activated if you have 3, 4, and 5 huntresses with the same elemental affinity (except for light and dark). Light and Dark huntresses have different sets of attribute bonuses. Deploying 1 Light or Dark huntress is enough to activate an attribute bonus.
Elemental Counter and Bonus

Since these are separate sets, it’s possible to stack the attribute bonuses. So for example, you can have 3 attribute bonus sets activated if you have deployed the following:
* 3 huntresses with the same element
* 1 Light Huntress
* 1 Dark Huntress

You can review the elemental bonuses activated to your party in the preparation screen, by tapping the portion of the screen where the combatant’s power level and elements are shown (in the top-left and top-right corners). Using this information, you can adjust your team composition to deal with tougher bosses for example, to maximize your party’s damage output. Of course, if your party is powerful enough, you can always apply brute force to defeat enemies, even when you’re at a disadvantaged element.
Elemental Counter and Bonus

That concludes our Elemental Counter and Bonus Guide for Destiny Girl. For more Destiny Girl content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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