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Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game where you can form a party of diverse heroines called Huntresses, each with their own strengths and personalities. The game has various means of providing bonus stats to your huntresses to further enhance their combat power. Aside from leveling them up, equipping them and upgrading your gear, you can insert Engravings to your individual huntresses to improve their individual combat powers. In our Engraving and Engrave Dungeon Guide, we will quickly discuss how this system works and how to tackle the dungeon

Engraving Overview

You can find the Engraving option in the Huntress Details window; it is the fourth button from the top, on the left pane. There are four engraving slots, each needing different conditions to unlock, as listed below.

Engraving and Engrave Dungeon
Engraving Unlock Condition
Engraving I Unlocks 15 days after account creation
Engraving II Unlocks 45 days after account creation or when you clear Wind Storm F16
Engraving III Unlocks 75 days after account creation or when you clear Hellfire F16
Engraving IV Unlocks 105 days after account creation or when you clear Waterfall F16

Additionally, Engravings are divided into 6 qualities (colors): white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red, with Red being the highest quality. The huntress’ rank will determine the qualities of the engravings she can equip, as listed below.

Huntress Rank Engraving Quality to Equip
Rank 0 White engravings only
Rank 1 White and Green
Rank 2 Blue and lower
Rank 3 Purple and lower
Rank 4 Orange and lower
Rank 5 and 6 Red and lower

Additionally, the quality of engravings will determine their Enhancement Level cap.

Engraving Quality Enhancement Level Cap
White LV0
Green LV3
Blue LV6
Purple LV9
Orange LV12
Red LV15

If you equip multiple Engravings of the same name (regardless of quality), you’ll be able to activate their respective Set Effect. This set effect activates when you equip 2-pieces or 4-pieces of the same Engraving. You can also equip 2PC sets of different Engraving types. Depending on your team’s needs, you may want to prioritize activating Set Effects even if you’re using low-quality Engravings.

There are three types of Engraving attributes:

* Main Attribute: As you enhance the engraving, the main attribute will increase as well

* Secondary Attribute: Every 3 Enhancement Levels, a random Secondary Attribute is added to the Engraving. The number of secondary attributes an Engraving can have will be determined by its quality (see below)

* Set Attribute: These are activated when you have the Engravings equipped as a 2PC or 4PC set. These are not affected by the engraving’s Enhancement Level or quality.

As mentioned above, the Engraving’s quality will determine how many secondary attributes they can have.

Engraving Quality No. of Secondary Attributes
White None
Green 1
Blue 2
Purple 3
Orange and Red 4

Decomposing is a method of getting rid of an unwanted engraving. The spent Tala Coins won’t be returned by a large portion of the Starfrost Crystals used in enhancing the engraving will be returned. 60% of the items spent will be returned in Decomposing, regardless of the engravings’ quality. You’ll still lose some so avoid decomposing unless extremely necessary. You ought to save your white engravings early on while you’re still trying to get better quality ones for your team.

Engrave Dungeon

This is one of the dungeons/ instances in Adventure mode where you can farm various engravings described above. Take note however that this is a high-level dungeon; even at Floor 1, all enemies are at LV90. It’s also worth noting that you’re required to use only the huntresses belonging to the element that’s part of the condition. (e.g. you can only use Wind-type huntresses in Wind Storm) This will severely limit your team lineup early on, especially if you don’t have that many high-level, properly-equipped huntresses of the same elements.

Engraving and Engrave Dungeon

There are four underground cities for each engraving type. Their unlock conditions are listed below.

Dungeon Engraving Drop Unlock Condition
Wind Storm Engraving I Unlocks 15 days after account creation
Hellfire Engraving II Unlocks 45 days after account creation or when you clear Wind Storm F16
Waterfall Engraving III Unlocks 75 days after account creation or when you clear Hellfire F16
Earth Core Engraving IV Unlocks 105 days after account creation or when you clear Waterfall F16

Each dungeon has its own number of challenge attempts (these attempts reset daily at 5AM). After clearing the 16th floor of a city, its exclusive attempts and upper limits will turn into universal attempts and upper limits. Unlocking every city increases the challenge limit by 2 permanently. This limit will be further increased permanently by clearing a certain number of floors.

Engraving and Engrave Dungeon

Clearing the dungeon for the first time will provide bonus clearance rewards and no attempt is consumed. Some of the clearance rewards include huntress shards, tala coins, practice points, and advance gems. You can only challenge a floor 20 times daily, regardless if you win or lose.

There’s also a World Achievement that keeps track of the number of players who successfully cleared specific floors in various Engraving Dungeons in the server. Once these milestones have been reached, all players in the server will get the crystal rewards.

That concludes our Engraving and Engrave Dungeon for Destiny Girl. For more Destiny Girl content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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