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Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game where you can form a party of diverse heroines called Huntresses, each with their own strengths and personalities. To be able to tackle various PvE and PvP content, you’ll need to form your own party of huntresses. In our Recruitment Guide, we will discuss how the game’s gacha system works.


If you’re playing other mobile games with gacha elements, then you’re already familiar with how the system works. If this is your first time encountering such a system, think of it as a lottery. You’ll need to spend premium currency or special items for a chance to get something from the pool of possible prizes/items/characters. The rarer/more valuable items or characters have a lower drop or appearance rate compared to their uncommon or common counterparts. Every pull is random and you can either be lucky or not.

The same mechanic can still be found in Destiny Girl. However, the chances of getting high-rarity characters is a bit forgivable compared to other gacha games since a pity system is set in place. (More on that later)

The game has several banners; two limited banners, rotational, and permanent banners. Crystals, the premium currency of the game, are used in almost all banners. Thankfully, there are alternative tickets that you can use to summon instead. You can earn crystals and tickets as rewards from various event tasks but the easiest way is topping up with real money or redeeming freebies from various gift codes provided by the developers from time to time.

Pity System

As with any gacha system, the rarest and most desirable items and characters have incredibly low appearance rate. Fortunately, the game has a pity system which guarantees a SSR character after a set number of pulls. For limited banners, recruiting 80 times will allow the player to get the featured limited SSR character. For the other banners, simply recruiting 10x guarantees a random SR or SSR character.

The good thing about this system is that both crystal and ticket summons are counted towards the pity gauge. The 80-summon pity gauge is tied to the banner’s duration; once the current banner ends, the pity counter is reset. This is why it is highly recommended to save up tickets and crystals enough for 80 recruitment attempts. The game doesn’t imply that the gauge will reset either if you happen to get the featured character before reaching pity so it’s safe to assume that the counter will continue to increase until you hit the guaranteed rate so you can get a duplicate copy of the featured character.

Recruitment Guide

Chance ++

These are limited banners with featured characters that are only available for a fixed amount of time (usually 15 days). I’m not sure yet if the featured characters will get a rerun but it’s worth getting featured huntresses especially if you’re really interested in getting them. Chance++ banners have the said pity system / 80-summon gauge that will guarantee to give you the featured character once you’ve reached 80 pulls.


This banner will give you a guaranteed SR or SSR huntress (except limited/chance++ characters) every 10 pulls. Pulling 10x in one go almost gives a 10% crystal discount. Additionally, you can select up to two huntresses that will receive a 30% appearance rate among all the total SSR chances. If you really want to get a particular SSR huntress that’s part of the permanent pool of characters, it might be worth your while pulling in this banner.

Recruitment Guide


This banner allows you to pull using Friendship Points only. You can earn friendship points by adding other players as friends, sending them points daily, and if they send points to you. Every pull costs 10 FP and ten pulls costs 100 FP. Like the normal banner, you’ll get a guaranteed SR or SSR huntress (except limited/chance++ characters) every 10 pulls.

Recruitment Guide

Elemental Recruitment

This banner features huntresses in their respective elements in a regularly rotating schedule. You can also manually choose a different featured element but applying the change will require 300 crystals. Each pull will require an Elemental Recruit Ticket. Like the normal and friendship banners, you’ll get a guaranteed SR or SSR huntress (except limited/chance++ characters) every 10 pulls.

Recruitment Guide

Lucky Gacha

This banner focuses on valuable items such as rare Mithril weapons, badges, shards, souls, spirits, etc. Each pull costs 300 crystals or 1 Gashapon Coin. There’s no pity gauge in this banner. However, you should only consider pulling in this banner once you have a reliable team of SSRs.

Recruitment Guide

That concludes our Recruitment (Gacha) Guide for Destiny Girl. For more Destiny Girl content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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