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Ranking and Ranking Rewards

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Destiny Girl is a gacha waifu collector game where you can form a party of diverse heroines called Huntresses, each with their own strengths and personalities. While there are valuable rewards for individual game progress, the game also provides a server-wide reward to all players whenever players reach certain goals for the first time. In our Ranking and Ranking Rewards Guide, we will quickly cover this feature and what you can get from it.

The Ranking Reward serves as both a Hall of Fame, and a server-wide reward system. The system keeps track of the first players in the server to complete specified server quests or milestones. Some of these tasks consider the very first players to complete a chapter, clear the xxth floor of the Queen’s Tower, reach xxxx points in the Engraving Dungeon, etc. You can access this window by tapping the Trophy icon in the top-left corner of the screen as shown below.
Ranking and Ranking Rewards

Each ranking comes with a progress reward and will display the quest progress of the highest ranked player in the server. The first player on the server that reaches the quest progress will have their name displayed in the main panel of the ranking window. At the same time, the first five players to reach the same goal will be permanently featured in the diary. You can also view the team lineup of the top players to give you an idea about the teams they’ve used in clearing the missions. Due to the nature of the challenges, it’s highly likely that you’ll see the same players dominating the rankings. These are permanent milestones so unless you’ve started early and built a top-tier team, it will be very difficult to catch up with the high ranking players - if your goal is to get your name featured in the rankings.
Ranking and Ranking Rewards

The best thing about this system is that once a player completes a server-specific task/quest, ALL players in the server will receive a reward in the form of Crystals. You’ll know if a reward is available if there’s a red dot beside the categories on the pane to the left. To claim your rewards, simply tap the Treasure Chest in the lower left corner of the screen. These rewards are retroactive so even if you just started the game, you can still collect the rewards for the milestones or quests completed before you signed up. However, you still won’t be able to collect the rewards for game modes that you haven’t unlocked yet.

Do consider checking this section out every so often. If you’re a new player, check this section out and claim all possible crystals so you can use them to recruit new huntresses that can bolster your team lineup early on!
That concludes our Ranking and Ranking Rewards Guide for Destiny Girl. For more Destiny Girl content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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