Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Your characters stats and health

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War
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Your characters stats and health
Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War Guide


Dawn of Zombies is a fully developed survival sim which includes a player character that you will need to both equip well and take care of to let you progress through the game. While crafting and upgrading equipment may be familiar to most players the need to regularly maintain your character may not be. It is however a very important aspect of the game and will affect your ability to fight. Below we go through a few of the areas for you to focus on.


Just to get it out of the way, Energy is not something that you need to focus heavily on as it is only important for fast travelling to locations. But keeping it topped up will mean not having to wait for long periods when you want to get somewhere. It will recover by itself over time but if you need a boost in a hurry you can get it from consuming food, drink and some potions.


Health is your most important stat and one you need to keep a close eye on at all times. Your health level increases as you level up, and can be improved when you equip items with stat modifiers or also boosted temporarily with certain consumables.

Your health will regenerate while inside the Shelter as long as there are no threats in the location. If you are outside the base then you can use items such as Food, Water and Bandages to help regenerate a portion of the HP. If you are sick or injured, or suffering from starvation / dehydration though your health regeneration is reduced or even negative (you will lose health) so you will need to deal with these issues as they arise to prevent you passing out.

Hunger / Thirst

Your character will have a meter of hunger and thirst to indicate these levels. they will drop slowly over time or more rapidly as you perform actions.

Thirst is dealt with by drinking water. Make sure to collect empty water bottles and place these at wells to generate water for you to drink as needed. Food will take care of your hunger, and in some cases also assist with thirst. There are many sources of food, from animals and vegetables found in the world and crops grown in your base. Craft and place a fire pit to let you cook food items especially meat to give you more benefits.


A less thought about stat for your character is Hygiene. It is one that you do not need to focus on as much but is still vitally important. Washing yourself can only be done in your home base so it should be on your list to check before heading out. You will need water to wash yourself and later on soap.

Sanitizing yourself like this will help prevent illness and can also help to keep you hidden fro enemies as your smell can alert them.


Whilst not a player stat you should also take time to check your current equipment durability especially after any prolonged combat base missions. Durability is a feature in weapons, armor, clothing, and tools, and it will be affected every time they are used. An items durability will depends on the quality of the item that is crafted. The better the quality of the item, the longer it will last.

Repairing and crafting new items can take a lot of resources but being caught out in a fight when your favourite weapon breaks can leave you at a serious disadvantage. If you know that your current weapon is still good then you won't need to waste inventory space on back up weapons.

Some tools such as hammers and axes can be used as both a weapon and a tool (for chopping trees etc). IT is generally advisable though that you try to keep the tools for the jobs they are meant to do as they can quikcly get used up if you are attacking with them and you can then be left empty handed if the tool is needed for salvaging .

If you have any questions about playing Dawn of Zombies please go to the Answers Page to ask there.


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