Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Salvage and Storage

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War
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Salvage and Storage
Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War Guide


Your progress and survival will depend on a good supply of consumables and materials to keep you alive and build your camp..

Always be Looting

After combat the principle game activity you will need to concentrate on is salvage, or looting. As you follow the quest lines or explore areas you will have a lot of opportunities to loot from buildings, vehicles, dead bodies and more. Making the most of these opportunities is a must and you should never go home without filling your boots (pockets, sacks and backpacks) with every useful item you can find.

You will often be short on space and so you will probably need to prioritize the items you collect. Checking build projects before you head out can be a good idea to get an idea of the items you should be looking for. Apart from that just be aware of items that can be useful to you in future.

It can be tempting to pass up scrap materials such as empty water bottles, rags, and scrap metal, but even if you don't need them now that will end up being very useful later on in the game. If you have the room to carry and store them do so as they can be used to make important items.

When you are out and about exploring the world remember to check carefully each location. There are hidden areas, locked rooms that you can find keys for and plenty of boxes, cupboards and shelves that are easy to pass by if you aren't looking closely. Each will have a chance to let you find some good loot for your developments.

When looting if you accidentally pick up any items when looting that you do not want to carry back with you then you can discard them. Go into your inventory, select the item and then you can tap the bin(X) icon on the bottom right. Be warned though this will delete the item permanently (not drop it) so you cannot come back and collect it again later.

Salvage and Storage

Inventory Storage

The downside to looting is the limits you will face in carry space and inventory space. Even with the sack equipped you cannot carry a great deal. Your home storage options though are a little better. You can craft and place storage boxes and even upgrade them as you progress and we recommend you set up at least 5 to begin with.

You can, over time, build up to 50 storage boxes but initially you don’t have enough space for this many. You will also need to place them around your camp in any available spot until you are able to expand your shelter. It will be messy but the storage is important. It won't be long before you can upgrade and get more creative with your base building.

As you collect items that are needed for the building projects around the shelter you will also be able to tap on them and allocate the items from your pockets to the project. You need to have them on you to do this. The benefit to this though is that you no longer need to store the items at all which frees up storage space for more salvage (LOOT!)


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