Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Preparing for quests

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War
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Preparing for quests
Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War Guide

The progress in the game will be bade through following quest missions and exploring locations for salvage, Each time you head out you will be likely to encounter enemies and other dangers as well as opportunities to gain useful items. If you are not fully prepared though you may not make it back with any items at all. Check out our list of tips for how best to prepare for your next adventure.

Character needs

There are 3 areas of your character that will need to be addresses during the game to make sure you remain in good health and able to recover from any injury. If you are not paying attention to your hunger, dehydration, and hygiene then you can put yourself at risk. In general your stats in these areas will not drop too quickly while out on a mission but making sure hey are topped up by eating, drinking and bathing if needed before you head out will give you the best chance to complete your mission successfully.


Every outing is an opportunity to gather salvage or mission items and as such you will want to head out with the most free inventory slots as you can. This is another reason to fill up your hunger and thirst stats before you head out so you don't need to carry food and water supplies. Consider carefully what you want to take and the type of quest you are embarking on to decide what you need.

Check your equipment

Remember to keep a close eye on the durability of your equipment, especially your armor pieces. You can quickly see an indication of your current armor on your character outline at the top of the screen. If items are red then you can quickly lose them in any combat and leave yourself vulnerable.

It is always best to replace low durability items before you head out, put on the more durable gear that will last you for the duration of the mission. As with extra supplies you are better off not having to carry spare armor pieces. The more loot you can bring back to help craft new equipment the better.


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