Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Dawn of Zombies Guide and Tips

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War
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Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

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Dawn of Zombies is a third person post apocalyptic survival game where you but fight, craft and forage for supplies as you play through a survival story line. Work with your allies to build up your strength and craft improved weapons with artifacts and elements to discover.

There is a lot to learn on the game as you try to develop your basic home base, find food and resources and battle the enemies you are faced with but our tips and hints guide will help you.

Beginners guide to Dawn of Zombies

If you are new to Dawn of Zombies or want some tips to help you have more fun with the game please check out our guide tips below.

The game will give you plenty of opportunities to view tutorials for each now aspect of the game you encounter. If you are not familiar with these types of survival combat games then its iw worth taking the time to check them out. They will explain a lot of the game mechanics.

Concentrate on the story line
While your own progression in the game can be improved in many ways and it is easy to head off to explore the environment or develop your base, the game progression will be based off of the story based quests. Completing the tutorial section and then keeping up with the quests found in the upper right of the screen will let you unlock game features, locations and resources that you will need. As long as you are able to complete these without difficulty then pursue them as a priority.

Develop and defend your shelter
You will receive plenty of instruction on repairing and developing your home base as you play through the game and you will hopefully see quickly how important it is. It is important also to clear out any attacking zombies from the location regularly. If you return home and are not able to recover energy while there then you should check around for zombies and kill them so that you can recover.

In your base location there will be a range of structures that you need to repair / construct which will require resources that you need to find. These will help you defend the shelter, prepare food and supplies, craft weapons and more. Each of these are important but it can be easier to concentrate on getting one working at a time. Fortunately the game will give you information on where to find required resources and allocate any that you have to the structure as you find them to help keep your storage free.

Upgrade Storage
When you start you will be limited in your storage option. 10 items in your pockets, a crafting bag and a small storage box in your shelter will get you started but will quickly not be enough. AS you progress you will soon be able to craft more boxed in your crafting menu. Use this option when you can to make sure you have enough space. Accessing your storage will let you auto sort items to make the best use of space or arrange them yourself.

Careful use of AutoMode
In the lower left of the screen you will find an option for ad Auto Mode that will let you character gather automatically in the area. They will also battle enemies they find along the way. This is very useful but you must use it with some supervision as the character will not deal with hunger of thirst or heal from any damage taken.

Preparation is key
Before you head out into new areas or follow a quest try to prepare your self for any encounters. Heading out with low durability weapons and little supplies will be a recipe for disaster. Check your inventory for the follwoing:
- Food and water supplies may be needed and healing items such as bandages will help save your life if you run in to difficulties.
- Weapons. Your main weapon as long as its still in good condition and it is always a good idea to have a secondary backup weapon.
- Tools such as a Hammer and Axe for gathering resources, this may depend on your mission but its good to have the option.

Items such as bandages can be added to a quick slot for rapid use in emergencies. Set this up before you head out.

Remember to assign Skills
You will begin to acquire skill points as you play and these can be used to unlock skills to customize your character. To do this tap on the Inventory and then on the Skill icon. These skills will be very useful to you and will let you develop your own focus in the game. make sure to make use of the points as son as you can to give yourself the skills you want to make use of.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy playing Dawn of Zombies. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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