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Tips for Staging

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In Crush Them All staging is the first activity that you will be working on and the one that will be the backbone of your progress in the game. When you are online you will be pushing your staging further and when you are offline you can use the princess dream items (at leas once a day) to earn yourself more prisms.

To help you make the most of this section of the game and let you spend more time on the more interactive areas of Crush Them All here are a few helpful tips.


Every 50 levels in the staging you will encounter a boss. These stages will be a little more challenging than the normal ones. Up until you reach level 600 each boos can be taken down though with a reasonable team. Stating at level 600 each 100 level boss (so at 600, 700, 800 etc) will only be damaged by one element. For this reason as you build up to the higher levels and construct your team of heroes you will need to include one of each of the 5 elements.
Level 600 - Water damage only
Level 700 - Earth damage only
Level 800 - Fire damage only
Level 900 - Light damage only
Level 1000 - Dark damage only
These elemental restrictions then repeat in that order, every 100 levels.

Best Heroes for Staging

Almost any hero can be used for staging and Luka the free 3 star hero that you will begin with will be plenty to get you started. Luka is relatively strong and has a good speed stat which is the key component for maximizing the stating process. The faster you can clear stages the quicker you can ascend and improve your team.

Some recommend heroes for each element are listed below. As said above you can use many different heroes in staging but these will offer some of the fastest progression for your team.

Luka - Rare

Pinky - Rare - special drop
Voodoo Dagger - Common
Sprout - Common

Monkey King - Rare (arena store)
Scud - Epic - Purchase
Jasmine - Rare

Hikari - Epic - Purchase
One Eye - Rare (crusher)
Light Knight - common - dungeons

Kasumi - Epic - purchase
Bat - common - dungeon


The main benefit of stagings is ascending to earn prisms. While you will earn more prisms the higher the level you reach before hitting that button to reset your progress, you do not need to pucsh your level too high too quickly. Every escend will earn prisms and will give you boosts to your shop earning power to make the next passage through the levels easier. When you are online you can ascend early to give yourself a good start on the next run.

There will also be the option to double your prisms with when you ascend. We don't recommend that you spend too many of your Flooz on this but if you have a double prisms items earned from a reward then go ahead a use it. And if you are lucky enough to be in a double prism event day then try to ascend as many times as you can to make use of it.

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