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How to get and use Flooz

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How to get and use Flooz

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Flooz is the basic currency in the game that is used to double rewards, buy chests and many other items though the different areas of the game. It will be important for your progress to get as much Flooz as you can while playing and to use it in the right ways.

How to Get Flooz

There are many ways to get it as you play so here is a list to help you find as much as you can. A lot of flooz can be gained from in game rewards.

- Complete the daily challenges to get up to 25 flooz / day.
- Also check the Achievements and Bootcamp Challenge section swhen you start out to find flooz rewards when you reach milestones.
- the Login Rewards give flooz every 5 days
- the Lucky Spin machine
- Look for Chests while staging. Some borwm chests give flooze and clicking on a gold chest and watching an ad will give small amounts of flooz.

Events can also give flooz, for example:
- Slay boss events will give you flooz for reaching the highest tier.
- Blitz Tier 1 can give you flooz based on your rank.

You can of courlse also buy flooz in the shop for real money.

How to Spend Flooz

Spending your flooz will depend on how much yo manage to earn over time. If you get a lot or are happy to buy plenty then you can use it anywhere you want but there are some recommended uses to concentrate on.

There are a range of chests available to buy some of which are event specific. Not all are useful though.
- Premium chests, good for medals but not for getting new heroes, you do get plenty of useful items though.
- Crusher chests. You can find these during slay events. You have a cha\nce to get some good heroes here so go for at least the tier 1 chest per event is you can.
- Blitz chests, not great for medals but important to let you get the blitz heroes.
- Fortune chests, these are of low importance but mentioned as you need to open them to get a chance to gain Hikari and Tesla heroes.

- Artifact slots. As you level up for PvE events and staging you will benefit greatly from having artifacts equipped. For this you need to open up the artifact slots. Work towards 10 or 12 normal slots and 6 event slots.
- Hero Slots. You can open up to 10 of these and you will want to eventually but work on these slowly
- Ultimate slots, useful for slay events but again no rush.

There are many other items to spend flooz on such as gold, double prisms, lucky coins etc. If you have plenty then by all means go ahead but the above list will benefit you more.

If you have any other suggestions or comment for your flooz economy please let us know below. If you hav eany questions please head to the Answers Page.

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