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Getting started in Crush Them All

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Crush them all has many elements of RPG games but many you will need to build up to, you can push ahead with this or take your time an take advantage of the idle game play model to make small gains over time. More active play will benefit you though if you want to reach a reasonable level in the game.

When you first start the game you begin with the basic PvE activity of clearing stages (Staging). In this your heroes fight there way though levels defeating increasingly harder enemies and bosses. You use the Village area to buy and upgrade shops to earn you gold income to then let you level up the heroes.

As your progress slows you will then be able to Ascend, which resets your progress but earns you prisms that you use to give your heroes fixed levels that do not reset each time and will make your progress easier. This also help increase your game level which will then let you unlock the other aspects of the game.

Game modes and activities

- Staging as discussed above. This will gain you prisms to fix your prism level.
- Daily Dungeons, in the Battle tab. These depend on your prism levels and let you earn items for artifacts. The more you have leveled your heroes the higher the dungeon level you can reach each day.
- Guild Slay Events. Join a guild and you can take part in these. help chip away at boss HP to defeat them as a team and earn materials required for awakening your heroes and upgrading your weapons.

This is where any active players will be focusing their attention after gaining ground in the PvE areas.
- Arena. Gain star shards for awakening heroes, unlocks at level 15.
- Blitz. Gain rune chests for runes. Occasional time limited event.
- Guild Wars. Gain star shards and rune dust, for upgrading runes. Available when you join a guild.

A final game mode is Expeditions which also unlocks when you reach player level 15.
If you have any questions for playing Crush them All please ask on the Answers Page.

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