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Artifacts are the best way to improve your abilities in the PvE side of the game. Although you will need to increase your prism levels to let you advance in the Dungeons to get the items needed for buying artifacts.

There are many artifacts available to collect and upgrade, they are separated into two types. Normal Artifacts and Event Artifacts. Artifacts will give your heroes specific boosts to their attack and defense or offer other benefits to your such as reduced upgrade costs.

The artifacts are available at different tiers and within each tier at levels that can be upgraded with the materials found from the dungeons.

Artifact Slots
As you progress in the game you will want to use your flooz to increase the number of slots you have available for artifacts. The more artifacts you can equip the better your chances in various activities.

Recommended Artifacts
The artifacts that you should get will depend on your level and what you have available. Initially you will be obtaining any that you can and then focusing on the armor / etc pieces to buff your heroes.

As you progress you will be looking to acquire certain high tier items. the following list may help for the better itms to look for.
Helios Gauntlet
Gold Griffin Cape
Poseidon Armour
Sacred set
Ancient Golem mask
Mermaid Tiara
Vulcan Armour
Efreeti Shield
Phoenix Armour
Atlantis Armour

If you have any artifact suggestions, especially for beginner players please let us know below.

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