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Crush them all is a RPG style Idle game from Godzilab Inc. It has simple game play and cute graphics that make it a fun questing game and the idle element means that you can progress easily with very little input.

The game pits you on a fairly cliche quest to defeat an evil boss and save a princess and most of the elements of the game are well known but it has all been put together very well and makes progressing very easy. There are hundreds of heroes to unlock and many stats to adapt and improve giving a reasonable depth to the game but without making it too complicated.



Setup your heroes and let them fight while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger and will have collected tons of loot.

- COLLECT and UPGRADE heroes to crush stronger enemies along your journey

- EXPLORE 1000+ stages


Join multiplayer guild boss-battles and lead your guild to supremacy!

- CRAFT 50+ powerful artifacts to give your heroes more powers


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Tips for Staging
In Crush Them All staging is the first activity that you will be working on and the one that will be the backbone of your progress in the game. When ..
Guilds and guild events
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Getting started in Crush Them All
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Crush Them All FAQs

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What are the best heroes to use against Twin Face boss?

for heroes, archers are good. Seraph along with Merry Monki, Lycan, Kage, Angelica.

Which is the best dark hero to get and invest in?

I would suggest skeleton giant. You can upgrade him very easily, and he's excellent in arena with high damage and hp. He's slow tho.

How many hero slots can you open for your team?


What happens when you ascend a hero?

Ascending will let you earn Prisms, these will let your heroes reach even higher levels. There are also bonuses for your shops to let you get more gold.

In the guild war should I attack a tower after it is destroyed?

Once its destroyed it wont help to keep attacking it and it would be best to use your attacks on other towers as you can hopefully help get them destroyed as well. If you can't attack other towers though, then yes attack it to get the points.

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Some parts are hard to understand and no bonus for levels like for instance at 100 your hero stats go up a percentage

4.8 / 5.0

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