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Guilds and guild events

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Joining a guide will become available soon after starting the game. This will let you join a group of other players and give you access to chat to them which can be fun and useful and also to request help with medals for your heroes. You will also be able to help others gain medals and receive guild credits to use in the shop.

Being in a guide will also let you take part in guild specific events.

Slay Events
These are regularly changing PvE events that let your guild team up to take on and take out bosses. The boss enemies appear at different levels and require a strong effort from many guild members to defeat. The more active your alliance the higher the level of enemies that can be tackled and the better the rewards.

Guild Wars
Guild wars are a PvP activity and will match up your guild against another of a similar rank to compete. Rewards come from the amount of activity points you can gain from attacking and defending so for you and your guild to do well you need many active players focused on this event. If you aim to do well here then finding the right alliance is important. The rewards from this include rune chests and rune dust.

If you want to look for friend / a guild you can post your information on the Add Me page.

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