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Crazy Taxi™: City Rush Guide

Crazy Taxi: City Rush, has four distinct elements to its gameplay.

The first element is changing lanes, in this case physical lanes of traffic. To change, you must swipe left or right. You do this to avoid oncoming traffic or just slow-moving vehicles in your own lane - you can also go up on the sidewalk.

The second is turning corners. Despite being 'on rails', you still have to indicate which corner you want the taxi to turn round, and to do this, you tap and hold on the right or left-hand side of the screen.

Third, is braking. You only need to brake when you are stopping to drop someone off, in one of the colored boxes on screen. Tap the screen as quickly as you can to stop. The quicker you do it, the more points you get for stylish execution.

Finally, the fourth element is boosting. You can boost once your meter charges at the start of a trip, and also during if you are patient enough for it to refill. When you are boosting you are able to ram other cars out of the way without losing speed, and it's a great way to get about.

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