Crazy Taxi™: City Rush

How it works

How it works
Crazy Taxi™: City Rush Guide

The basic premise of Crazy Taxi: City Rush is driving from point A, to point B, with a passenger or two in the back of your taxi. Get there within the time limit to pass a level - do it quickly, and with more style, to earn more points. This game is based on lane runners like Subway Surfers or Temple Run. The game features a tutorial level, but we'll give you a quick run down of how to play in case you missed it.

First, you pick your character. This is who will be driving your taxi, and will also appear in cutscenes, so make sure it's someone you're happy to play as. You then can choose which part of the city to play in. Initially, you will only have one to choose from, but as you unlock more and more missions, new and diverse areas will be open to you. Finally, you must choose your taxi. Each area has different taxis to pick, and each taxi has its own bonuses and attributes.

How it works
Once you've done all this, you can start taking your customers to their destinations in the game's HQ events. Simply get there within the time limit to complete the level and move onto the next one. They get progressively harder and more complex - you won't necessarily be transporting just one customer, and the time won't necessarily be reasonable on first glance! They also throw in some other challenges along the way.

There are also some other types of event you can do, in addition to these. You have Daily Rush, in which every day in succession that you log on and play it gives you more of a bonus. This particular event has you pass as many checkpoints as possible in the time limit, in classic SEGA racing style. Each day gives you a bigger bonus for each checkpoint.

How it works
You also have Tank Smash, where instead of a taxi you will find yourself driving in a Tank. Of course, you do not have to worry about hitting other vehicles while in that, plus you can shoot the tank's turret and you earn Coins for every vehicle crushed or blown up. Finally, you have Taxi Pickup and Taxi Rank, where your jobs consist of taking people to their destinations, much like the majority of the HQ missions.


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