Crazy Taxi™: City Rush

Achievement list

Achievement list
Crazy Taxi™: City Rush Guide

Level Headed - Reach Player Level 5
Pushing It - Cross the line after time has run out
High Flyer - Jump over another vehicle
Late again - Run out of time a total of 10 times
Collector! - Own 3 cars
Entrepreneur! - Complete all Downtown HQ missions
Fragile! - Crash into 50 ambulances
Sidewalker - Drive on the sidewalk 50 times
Dollar Frenzy! - Collect 1,000 pick ups
Fender Bender! - Perform 150 crazy crashes
Jump Around! - Perform 50 crazy jumps
Close Call! - Perform 250 crazy throughs (near misses)
Drift Crazy - Perform 150 crazy drifts
High Roller - Earn over $100,000
Drop Off Demon! - Drop off 50 passengers
Crate Breaker! - Smash 11 boxes
Cone Goal! - Knock over 100 cones
Off Piste! - Jump off 10 car transporters
Boosty! - Boost 100 times
Track Attack! - Drive the tank 10 times
Speedy! - Get a speedy rating 50 times
Awesome! - Get an awesome rating 50 times
Dizzy! - Perform 50 U turns
Boss Man! - Complete all Taxi Rank mission in Downtown
Pimped! - Buy some wheels
Perfectionist! - Repaint your taxi
Dedicated! - Fully upgrade boost capacity on one taxi
Long Haul! - Fully upgrade a downtown taxi
Connected! - Complete a social mission
Money for Nothing! - Receive 10 kickbacks
Good Karma! - Send 15 kickbacks

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