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Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips
Crazy Taxi™: City Rush Guide


It is possible to do a U-Turn in Crazy Taxi: City Rush, by swiping downwards on the screen. This turns you sharply back on yourself, allowing you to get any targets you may have missed, and is something you should definitely do if you have passed any stickers, for example, that you need to complete an area 100%.

Make your own route:

Although the sat-nav arrows are a good guide for how to get to a destination, they are not the only way to get there. Each area has numerous shortcuts you can take to shave seconds off your time, and for some of the harder levels, they can become essential. Simply use the turn function when you see a route you want to take and the sat-nav will readjust. Unfortunately the in-game map isn't the best, so most of the time the best tactic is to try to memorize the shortcuts yourself.

Use your Diamonds wisely:

Diamonds are generally used for when you can't be bothered to wait for your Fuel to recharge - but they can also buy yourself some cool and exclusive stuff that most of your friends won't have got. There really is no need to waste your Diamonds on hurrying things up - it's only 15 minutes that you have to wait and it may be better spent on upgrades or a new vehicle. However, if you're in all day and want to make some serious progress at the game, then it can be best to spend your Diamonds on Fuel.

Top 10 Tips
Drift to perfection:

You can shave seconds off your time by drifting as close to the apex of the corner as possible. This is the point at the inside of the corner, basically the quickest route around it. If you are slow at seeing the green arrow indicating that you need to turn, you will likely miss the apex by a large distance, adding a second or two to your time. Try to plan ahead, cutting it as finely as you can to get some great times. The best cornering is done without much spinning.

Upgrade your taxis:

You can upgrade five areas of your taxi: Tires, Boost Capacity, Boost Power, Engine and Body. See the Upgrades section of this guide for more info. It is definitely worth investing in some of these, however, with each offering some real benefits. Pick your Upgrades based on what you are weakest at - if you are always hitting other cars, improve your Taxi's body to make the effect less damaging to your time.

Save your Boost:

Don't use your Boost straight away. It's primary use should be to speed through heavy traffic, knocking other cars out of the way. Don't use it when the roads are clear, as that's simply a waste. If you don't know a course, try to save it for later in case you may need it - it's also useful to have if you only have a second or two left at the end and need to catch up.

Top 10 Tips
Customize your Taxi:

It may seem like a waste of your Coins at first, but customizing your Taxi actually increases the amount you get for each job. The more crazy and extravagant the design, the better. The best thing is, any customizations that you've purchased can be used on any of your taxis at no extra cost!

Hire out your Taxis:

Eventually, you will have the option to start a fleet of Taxis. These can be used to get you some additional Coins in the bank while you can concentrate on completing the rest of the game. Don't forget to use them as much as possible, or they'll just be gathering dust.

Don't be tempted by hard-to-reach Coins:

The game often puts Coins in very difficult locations, like right behind cars, or sandwiched between two. This is to get you to try to nab them, but will in fact cause you to slow down and potentially fail your mission. Don't be afraid to just ignore some and concentrate on keeping a clean run. Obviously if you have boost, you can use it to get these, and if you have upgraded your Body sufficiently, then the hit you might take isn't quite so big.

Top 10 Tips
Don't forget to collect your Diamonds:

You earn Diamonds for completing Achievements and adding clients to your sticker book. Don't forget that to get your rewards for these you actually have to go into the appropriate section of the menu to get them! You may have heaps of Diamonds waiting for you that you've never collected!

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