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Crazy Taxi™: City Rush Guide

There are a few schools of thought as to what you should concentrate on when upgrading your Taxi. Below are the categories that you can upgrade:

This makes your Taxi better at cornering, and reduces wheelspin.

Boost Capacity:
As the name suggests, this increases the amount of Boost that you have available to you at any one time.

Boost Power:
This makes your Boosts more powerful, making them last longer (similar to Boost Capacity) and the strength at which they propel you forward.

Use this to make your Taxi go faster.

This makes your Taxi stronger, allowing you to knock other vehicles out of the way with less of an impact on your speed.


What to Upgrade

Generally, the best things to upgrade are your Boost, either Capacity or Power, and your Body. This means that you can boost through traffic, and actually ram it out of the way even when not boosting.

The thing that gets in most players' way in Crazy Taxi: City Rush, is other cars. Cornering is pretty straightforward and most of the Taxis go fast enough as it is, so the logical things to focus on are Boost and Body.

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