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How to Find and Defeat Monsters on the Map

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How to Find and Defeat Monsters on the Map

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If you tap the Kingdom icon in the bottom left of the game screen, you will zoom out of your City and see your surrounding area. There will likely be other City's and structures, gathering locations, tents, and monsters scattered around. This page of our Clash of Empire guide deals with how to find and defeat monsters on the map. We'll look at how to find them, what troops to send and the rewards you can get for this important grinding part of the game.

How to Find Monsters on the Map

While it's true you can see a lot of monsters on the map, you won't be able to fight them unless you have already defeated that level of monster or one lower. So when you are starting out you'll need to find a level 1 monster. The best way to do that is to tap the Kingdom icon, then tap the Search icon, this will bring up the search menu. Tap on Monsters, then move the slider to 1 and click search.
Monsters on the Map
Monsters on the Map

The game will now find you a level 1 monster on the map. To fight it, just tap the indicated monster, this should bring up a summary of the monster, recommended power, how much energy the attack will consume, the exact coordinates of the monster and possible rewards which you may or may not get on victory.
Monsters Stats
Monsters Stats

Click on the attack button, this will bring up your march select screen. Here you can select which troops you want to send to defeat the monster. Initially you may want to send your whole army, as you probably will not have many troops at this point, later on you can be more specific and just send a group of cavalry, or infantry to do the job.

There is also a percentage slider at the bottom which you can basically say I just want to send a certain percentage of my available troops, or use the preferred slot button for the game to choose based on whether this is an attack, or gathering mission.
March Select
March Select

You'll also see stats about your selected march including total troops, time to get there, troop power and troop load (which is in relation to gathering - not fighting monsters!)

So assuming the power of your march is greater than the power of the monster you want to attack you should win! Tap the March button to send your troops and find out.

The troops will now march to the monster and conduct the battle. You'll then get a mail in the monster report folder with details of the defeat or victory.

The report will detail the troops wounded, which will need to be healed in the hospital, and in the case of victory, the rewards won.

You can now go and find on the map the next higher level of monster.

How to Defeat Monsters on the Map

We explained above the basic process of finding monsters on the map and sending troops to defeat your first monster. But what happens when things get tougher and the the monster levels get higher. We'll you'll need to make some adjustments to your strategy and some upgrades. Here is a look at some of the things you can do.

1. Upgrade your barracks
Upgrading your barracks will mean that you can create higher level troops. Higher level are just more efficient to produce in terms of their power, costs and time to make.

2. Create higher level troops
Always create the highest level of troops that you can, so if you have sufficiently upgraded your barracks to create higher level troops, then just produce the higher level ones.

3. Research
Go to the University and complete research related to attack and defense, this will make your troops significantly stronger.

Kill Monster Rewards

The rewards you get for killing monsters, while not spectacular, will help in the grinding process to get more resources and speedups. You'll also get some lion and lord EXP which is always useful.
Monster Report
Monster Report

Another interesting reward you may get is the lucky coin, these lucky coins are used in the Wheel of Fortune Event, which you can find in the Welfare section. You need to use the lucky coins on the same day you win them, so no use holding onto them. The Wheel of Fortune can gain you all sorts of great items such as silver, gold, speedups and more.

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