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Consumption Event

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Consumption Event

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The consumption event is a regularly occuring event that usually lasts one day, during the event the idea is that you have to use speed ups to train troops and traps in order to unlock different levels of free rewards. There are different, and increasingly better rewards from using 3 hours of speed ups all the way up to using 3,000 hours of speed ups.

If you are planning on increasing your troop numbers, then using your troop speedups during this event is a good idea as you'll get free rewards depending on how much you use. And you always need new troops right?

I tend to save my speedups and try to use them exclusively during events to maximise my return on speedups, so I'm not only getting the speedup effect, but also some kind of a reward from an event, in this case the Consumption Event.

The rewards in the consumption event are not terribly interesting, and are mostly a some more speedups, and rewards based on resources such as food, wood, iron and silver, unfortunately no gold!

Look out for the consumption event when it runs as a good time to use speedups to train your troops and traps.

Consumption Event
Consumption Event

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