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Gold Event

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The Gold Event is a 5 stage event run over multiple days. There are 5 stages and you can complete tasks to get rewards individually and as part of your alliance during each stage. Once the stage is closed you can't go back and add to your score.

Stage 1 - Growth

To get points for Stage 1 you need to upgrade buildings and complete research to get points. Each 1 power you add to your City via buildings and research will get you 10 points in this event. Rewards include resources and speedups.

Stage 2 - Gathering

In this stage you gain points by gathering resources on the map, you get 1 point for gathering 5 food or wood, 5 points for gathering 5 iron and 20 points for gathering 5 silver. Rewards for this stage include resources and boosts for your City.

Stage 3 - Hunting

In the hunting stage you get points for consuming stamina and slaying monsters on the field. Consuming 1 stamina will get you 50 points, and the points you get from killing monsters will depend on what level the monster is that you killed. A level 1 monster will get you 7,200 points, a level 10 monster will get you 11,520 points, a level 20 monster will get you 26,496 and a level 30 monster will get you 43,2000. There are different scores for each different level monster in between as well, but you get the idea, the higher the level of monster you kill, the higher the rewards.

Rewards for the hunting level include Lion and Lord EXP, resources, speedups and boosts.

Stage 4 - Recruitment

Here you get different amounts of points according to the level of soldier that you recruit in your barracks. The higher the level of soldier you recruit, the more points you get. Rewards for recruitment include resources and speedups.

Stage 5 - Info to be added when we get there!

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