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Clash of Empire is a strategic base builder from LEME Games. If you are familiar with this genre from other similar mobile games then the ways things work in Clash of Empire will be quite familiar to you. We've put together some Clash of Empire cheats, tips and strategy help on this page aimed at helping out beginner players to this game.

Clash of Empire Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Here are just a few strategic tips to help you get started in the game, if you need extra help, feel free to drop us a question. Look out for our Clash of Empire Guide coming soon. If you are looking for Clash of Empire cheats, then basically there are none, and you should avoid any site offering free Clash of Empire cheats or hacks, you'll most likely end up getting your account banned.

Build on Open Spots
No Spot Should be Left Empty! Maximize Your Buildings and use the Free Upgrades
No Spot Should be Left Empty! Maximize Your Buildings and use the Free Upgrades

As soon as you get new free open spots to build on, build whatever you can to fill the spot, such as a farm, logging camp or military camp, When you unlock other building types later on you can always go back and demolish these buildings for something different.

Take your free upgrades
When you construct a new building you'll probably be able to upgrade it for free. It's best to just spam those instant free upgrades when you can because if it is a resource building then it will be bringing in more resources for us over time, and also increased building levels do add to your overall power level, so these free upgrades will help you reach the next level for your account.

Construct your army buildings
Construct Army Buildings and Increase your Army Size
Construct Army Buildings and Increase your Army Size

This is a long game, but you'll want to start building your army as soon as you can because it takes time. Initially you'll only be able to make T1 troops, or Tier 1 troops, these are the least powerful of all, so you'll need to upgrade your buildings so eventually you'll be able to produce T2 or higher troops.

Troop Levels
You start with the ability to produce only T1 troops, these are the weakest of the lot, as soon as you unlock a new tier for troops, you should focus on recruiting more of the higher level troops. They usually cost more to make and take longer too, but they are usually significantly more powerful.

Join an Alliance
As soon as you are able to join an alliance. Being part of an alliance gives you a number of benefits.
Join an Alliance as soon as you can!
Join an Alliance as soon as you can!

- You have allies! If you are attacked, then your alliance allies may help you out, or even you may not be attacked in the first place.

- Help! You can get help from your alliance in order to speed up construction of buildings

- Rewards - A bigger and better alliance will gain you bigger and better free rewards. Thing is, a mighty alliance may not accept noob, so start with one that will accept you and go from there.
Teleport Close to your Alliance
Teleport Close to your Alliance

Finding a Good Alliance
Alliance Gifts are just one benefit of being part of an active alliance
Alliance Gifts are just one benefit of being part of an active alliance

Look out for a few things when looking for an alliance. Check the member count, make sure there are plenty of members already. Check the alliance gift level, this will determine the size of the free gift you get from the alliance when milestones are met. You may not be able to get into the best alliances that you see right away, so look for one that will take you, build up your power, then look for a better alliance if you need to.

Check out the quests button at the bottom of the game page regularly, there will usually be something to collect there, especially in the beginning, or you can click the Go To button to take you straight to the quest take that you would like to complete.

Quests are split between Turf Quests and Daily Quests, turf quests are basically those that you complete once as you progress through the game, and there are literally hundreds of them! Daily quests reset daily and bring you rewards according to how many of these you can complete in a day before they are reset.

Using Speedups
It's a really good idea to use speedups in the beginning of the game. Some upgrades only take a couple of hours, and it's worth using your speedups to bypass the wait time so you can get back to adding a load of points to your base. Later in the game, when you are more established, then conserving your speedups is the better thing to do, and using them for special occasions like events which will bring your better rewards.

How to Get Free Gold
Gold is the premium currency used in Clash of Empires. While you can purchase it using real money in the shop, there are a number of ways to get free gold. The first way to get free gold is to activate your gold mines. These come into play after you have reached a certain level, and the game will tell you when they have been unlocked, then just upgrade and activate the mines. The higher they are upgraded the more the mines will bring in for free for you.
Build and Active Your Gold Mines
Build and Active Your Gold Mines

Another way to get free gold is to complete the daily quests, the final reward if you complete enough daily quests is 50 gold. Joining an alliance is another great way to get free rewards and sometimes that will include gold.

Research is important to unlock things and give you extra boosts and power. Research is conducted at the University. The first research you should do is the military research, March Slot 1. This will allow you to send two army marches. At the beginning of the game though, apart from this initial military march research, I would concentrate on resources and development research to improve how much resources you can collect and make, and also to increase your build and research speeds.
Get alliance help to complete research quicker
Get alliance help to complete research quicker

Research is super important in all these types of games, so having your University active all the time is a great idea. No need to spend on speedups unless you really want to, just make sure there is always an active research task underway. Remember, if you are part of an alliance then you can also ask for alliance help, via the handshake to get the research complete quicker.

As well as completing research, you'll need to keep upgrading your university to unlock more research items.

Your workmen are the builders in this game, and Clash of Empires offers a nice Manage Workmen feature which allows you to distribute your workmen across numerous building tasks. So if you are making a large castle upgrade which takes many hours, you can easily pull a few of the job to construct something else, instead of waiting for the big upgrade to finish. To remember to send those workers back to the big task once you are done with them! More workers on the same job means that it will finish more quickly.

Finding and Killing Monsters on the Map
Killing monsters on the map is something you can do to get some great rewards, tap the Kingdom icon to zoom out of your city view. Now tap the magnifying glass search option. You will see there are a number of things you can search for, and one of them is monsters! Tap the monster icon and move the slider to position 1, this will allow you to find the easiest to kill monster. But even that may not be so easy to do if you have not got sufficient troops.

So with 1 selected, tap the search button and the game should find you a level 1 monster on the map relatively close to your base. Tap the monster when it's been spotted and click attack. You can then see if the troops in your base are enough to kill the monster, select as many as you have available and send them on their way!

You can see there is a speedup option for marches, but really this is just for when you are way further along in the game and facing opposition of other empires. Don't waste your gold on a speed up of the Monster march!

At the end of the battle you'll get a report in your mail which will tell you if you won or lost and what rewards you got if you won! Next time you'll be able to look for a higher level monster which will be tougher, but offer better rewards if it can be defeated.

That completes our beginners tips for Clash of Empire. If there is anything you are stuck with in the game, send in a question for the gamers here at AppGamer to try to answer.

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