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New Kingdom Event

Clash of Empire: Strategic Empire Age
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New Kingdom Event

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The New Kingdom event that is unlocked for an individual player when he joins a New Kingdom. The event runs over 7 days and there are loads of quests to do and freebies to unlock. But you'll have to be fast!

Starting with day 1, these are the first quests that are available to do, when you complete enough of them or when the next day arrives you'll unlock the following day's tasks.
New Kingdom Event
New Kingdom Event

Day 1

The tasks are split over Castle, Resource, Recruitment. Check Day one and then select the corresponding tabs for an in-depth look on what you need to do.

Basically, the Castle tab is all related to upgrading your castle, to complete everything here you'll need to get your Castle to level 16. Luckily you don't have to do this in 1 day! But it is possible to do as a free to play player over the course of 7 seven days if you do things correctly. You'll also have to develop one of your resource fields to level 13. This is good to do anyway because it will mean that you collect more resources faster.

The Resource tab is all about consuming stamina and slaying monsters. Monsters can be found on the map, go to Kingdom view, then tap the search icon, you'll then be able to select monsters and use the slider to determine which level of monster you want to find. You'll have to start with level 1 and work your way up. The quests go all the way up to slay a level 15 monster, which you'll only be able to do if you have a good sized army, so keep producing troops and upgrading your army buildings to produce higher tier troops.

You'll also notice the consume stamina requirement. As you slay monsters on the field or participate in rally attacks, you'll consume stamina, so as you keep defeating monsters anyway, you should also just naturally fill this consume stamina requirement without really thinking about it!
Hero Hall
Hero Hall

The third tab in Day 1 is Recruitment, there are a couple of difficult ones here such as own a level 15 hero and get a barrack to level 13, both of which would be really hard to do in 1 day, luckily you have the week! To upgrade your hero, look for the Hero Hall building which is towards the right of your city, tap the Hall icon, this will take you to the Hero Hall, then select one of your hero's, and then tap the plus icon to upgrade your hero if you have the available Hero EXP. You can get Hero EXP from hero recruitment, polar desert, turret guard and some events. In the beginning, the best place to get Hero EXP is probably via recruitment and the turret guard. The Polar Desert is not unlocked until you have reached castle level 16.

Day 2

The events for Day 2 are split over Develop, Preparations and Allies. You'll still be able to complete Day 1 tasks if you need to, but now a whole heap of new quests are available, here is a rundown of what you need to focus on in order to get these Day 2 tasks done.

The Develop tab includes a range of quests related to general development of your City and include activating heroes, developing your watchtower, hospital, and military tent.
The Embassy
The Embassy

The Allies tab quests are related to developing your Embassy and helping your allies. So head to City view and look for the Embassy, it is located to the right of your Castle. With the Embassy you can increase the level of help you can receive from an alliance, this includes your reinforcement capacity, number of helps you can receive per request, and the amount of time you can get reduced for tasks with help requests, so it's a really important building to develop anyway. To complete all the objectives for the develop tab, you'll need to get your Embassy to level 13 by the end of the event. The other objective in the allies tab is to do with helping allies, here you'll need to help your allies 300 times to complete this task. To do this look for the handshake icon above the Embassy which says when an ally needs help.

For preparations, basically you need to build troops and traps, so keep your barracks going, but don't forget to upgrade them too to be able to make higher level troops. One requirement is to build level 5 troops, which will require your barracks to be level 13. Which is a requirement anyway for the recruitment tasks in Day 1. You'll also have to get your University to level 13. The University is super important, and increasing it's level will allow you to unlock more research options which are critical in improving your City.

Day 3

Day 3 in the New Kingdom event is split between farming, technology and fortune. In farming the max rewards come if you can get your castle to level 19 and 22, which in a week is kinda impossible for anyone free to play. However there are a number of other tasks both related to gathering resources on the map and transferring resources to allies.

Remember that you don't have to wait until Day 3 is unlocked to start working on Day 3 tasks, resources you have collected on the map and resources that you have transferred to you alliance allies since Day 1 of this event will count.

The tech tab relates to getting stars in treasure trail, completing 80 resource tech tasks in the university, and donating to your alliance.

Fortune is all related to gold, you'll need to upgrade your mine to level 5, and collect 12,000 gold from your mines to get the best rewards in this section.

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