Candy Crush Soda Saga

Level 34

Level 34
Candy Crush Soda Saga Guide

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Type: Get the Bear Above the String
Bear: 5
Moves: 38

This level looks way more imposing than it actually is, since the opening screen pans from the very bottom to the very top for like 10 seconds and then tells you that you have to get that bear all of the way to the bottom, find four more, and then float them all of the way back up.
But, it really isn't that bad.
I promise.
First of all, feel free to drop that first bear as quickly as possible and make as many special candies as you feel like making. The specials you make on the way down will conveniently be there to help you rise back to the top.
It will really help you out to have a striped and wrapped combo ready for popping the bottles at the bottom of the screen, but it isn't essential just easier.

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