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Candy Crush Soda Saga

I can't seem to get passed level 30 what can I do?

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I can't seem to get passed level 30 what can I do?


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CheerfulStar Answered:

Level 30 is a tough one. Essentially what you have to do is clear all of the ice blocks. There are bears buried under almost every block. Think of it as more of a "Clear all of the Jelly" level from Candy Crush. Your best bet on this level (and the jelly levels) is to make as many wrapped candy + striped candy combos as possible. Use your provided boosters carefully. The licorice around the spotted round candy and around the juice ball thing have to be removed (there are bears under there too.) The juice ball will change all candies the color that you switch it with to that color. So, say you switch a red juice ball with a yellow candy. All yellow candies will turn red. If you can, use that after you've cleared the breakable blocks, so there are candies in the ice cubes to break them. Also, the fish can be helpful, especially if you combine two of them (doesn't matter what color they are, just switch two fish) they will turn into three fish the old fashioned way (a la Candy Crush.)

Hope this helps. I will add a video of the game play. Good luck!

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