Candy Crush Soda Saga

Level 30

Level 30
Candy Crush Soda Saga Guide

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Type: Save The Bears
Bears: 23 Bears
Moves: 45 moves

This is another one f those awful save the bears levels and this one is particularly awful.

You will have three boosters in the level, but of course they are all trapped in licorice cages.

Starting out you will be working from the center to the outside edges. Expect a lot of shuffling.

Once you have the center cleared, use a horizontal striped candy to break the color bomb and the juice bomb out of the licorice. Between the two of of those two boosters you should try and create either a color bomb plus wrapped candy or some other large combo more to create mass destruction. Try to save about 12 moves for saving the rest of the bottom bears. If the bottom wrapped candy is still unexploded, try to combine it with a striped candy to clear out a few layers of terrible.

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