Candy Crush Soda Saga

Level 72

Level 72
Candy Crush Soda Saga Guide

This level is absurdly complicated and this walk through is going to be oddly specific, so let's get right into it!

Type: Get The Bear Above The String
Moves: 70
Number of Colors: 4

Candy Crush Soda Saga Guide Video

This level is broken into 5 sections for ultimate horrible-ness.

General Hints:
•The fish will eat candies in this order-
A. Juice Bottles
B. Meringues
C. The candies right in front of the bear

• You only need to clear all but the one candy right in front of the bear to progress to the next stage of the level.

Part One:
1. Free the first fish from the licorice.
2. Activate the first fish and let him free the second fish.
3. Activate the second fish and he will activate the horizontal stripe candy to clear the path.

Part Two:
1. Use the Color Bomb on the purple candy.
2. Clear the meringues down to the vertical striped candy.
3. Activate the vertical stripe candy to release the color bomb.
4. Use the color bomb to remove the candy right in front of the bear.

Part Three:
1. Activate the horizontal candy in the middle of the top row to activate the two vertical candies on either end.
2. Pop the rest of the bottles.
3. Clear the path with a color bomb + striped candy, a vertical and horizontal fish or striped/wrapped combos.
Note: If the meringues aren't cleared before trying to use a striped fish to clear the path, the fish will attack the meringues.

Part Four:
1. Pop the bottles first, then clear the meringues.
2. There is only one vertical path so try for a vertical striped fish or a striped/ color bomb combo.

Part Five:
1. Hooray! Last stage!
2. No meringues, so focus on popping the bottles first.
3. Make any matches in the path that you can and clear the rest with striped or fish.

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