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How to move your base to a new location

How to move your base to a new location
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Playing CoD:GO will find your base located in a random location in your state. To begin with this may not matter, but it will be to your advantage to join an alliance and move to their location for added security.

To move your base you will need a teleport item. To move to a specific location you will need an Elite teleport, the random teleport items that you can also get will just more you to a new random spot. You can find these items in the 'Inventory' menu, under the 'Others' section.

To teleport you need to tap on the Elite Teleport and select Use. This will then place you back in the world map with the option to drag your base around to a new spot. We strongly recommend though being in the new location first.

If you are moving to your alliance center, have the co-ordinates first and move to the location on the map that you want to move to first. Then open the inventory menu and 'Use' the Elite teleport item. This will keep you in the new desired location and have your base already in the right place.

Your base will have a green or red outline on it to specify if you are over an acceptable location, some plots cannot be occupied. If the highlighted area is green then tap the Confirm option to complete the move.

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