Call of Duty: Global Operations

Special Forces Training

Special Forces Training
Call of Duty: Global Operations Guide

The special forces training event in Call of Duty: Global Operations is a regular time limited event that offers rewards for standard development tasks.

The tasks that you need to complete within the time limit include training units, defeating terrorists, gathering resources, researching technology, increasing your combat power and upgrading buildings. It will not be all the task as though. You need to check under the Event Tasks tab within the event listing to see what tasks are being rewarded during the current event.
Special Forces Training
Your points earned will let you claim some target score rewards if you reach them. You need to check the progress in the event listing to see if you have earned these. At the end of each event your rank position will also entitle you to another reward which is sent to your mail. So you may still receive this part of the reward even if you did not check the rewards progress.

The rewards for this event are not huge but it is worth keeping any eye on and if you can time your upgrades and other activities to finish during the right event then you will benefit from it.


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