Call of Duty: Global Operations

Daily free stuff for your base

Daily free stuff for your base
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Gaining resources and other useful items in Call of Duty: Global Operations is the key to moving ahead. There are lots of activities to complete and the mission objective and daily goals to tackle that will reward you with items and but there are also some free to grab items available to you each day.

Whenever you manage to log in make sure to check through this list of freebies to make the most of what the game give to you.

Resource Crates

The game has a regular reward for you in the shape of a supply crate. Its hard to miss this as it is shown on the lower right your screen at all times with timer countdown if you have recently had one. These are available all day every day with a short time out between each at the start of the day and longer and longer timeouts the more you accept.

The crates reward you with a single speedup, or resource store item each time. Nothing to say for this except grab the crate at every opportunity. If you are on regularly during the day then you should be able to get quite a few of these.

VIP Rewards

In the top left of the screen just to the right of your profile image there will be a small V icon with a number. This is your VIP rank and tapping on it will take you to the VIP menu. Your VIP rank will improve your production and other benefits in the game.

Daily free stuff for your base

Every day that you log in you will be able to claim VIP points reward here at the top of the screen and consecutive days logging in will improve those rewards. There is also a VIP riches rewards box to claim each day a the bottom of this screen. The higher your VIP level the better the rewards in the box.

It is a very good idea to hit this section every day and claim your points to help you rank up faster. You can also buy more VIP points with COD points if you wish to level up quicker.

Lucky Wheel

The lucky wheel is a recent addition that gives you a chance to get free COD points every day. It is found in the Shop menu by tapping the 'Top offers' icon in the upper right. There is a 24 hour timeout after every free spin before you can spin again so you will need to log in at a regular time each day to make the most of it. The free spin can award up to 2000 COD points although it will generally be 100 or 200 each time.

Daily free stuff for your base

There is also a paid option for the wheel that you access after making the free spin each day. This has much higher rewards but you need to buy the spin with real money.

Shop Daily Offer

The in game shop area has a large range of items for you to buy with real money including COD points and weekly or monthly cards with bonuses. Hidden amongst these though is a Daily Offer section with special offers and a free crate to be claimed every day.

Daily free stuff for your base

Even if you don't want to spend money it is worth heading here each day you are logged in to grab this free reward chest. The Shop is reached by tapping the 'Top offers' gift box icon towards the top tight of the screen.


Every day you will be able to make use of some free recruitment tickets in the Recruitment Hall Building. The amount of free uses you get will depend on the level of the building but even fro the start you can make 3 Standard recruitment tries each day and 1 Elite Recruitment try every 3 days for free.

Recruitment give you a change to get more commanders to lead your troops as well as rewarding other useful items ranging from resources and speedups to commander cards / medals and experience boosts.

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