Call of Duty: Global Operations

How to get help in the game

How to get help in the game
Call of Duty: Global Operations Guide

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What do you do if you need help in the game with a problem that is stopping you playing or progressing. Some of these may be bugs which can only be addressed by the game developers.

Call of Duty: Global Operations is still a very new game and unfortunately there are still a lot of bugs and missing features that will hopefully be fixed and updated soon. But if you encounter something that is affecting your progress then these are the best ways to deal with it.

Ask Players

First of all we would recommend discussing it in the Country or Alliance chat. It's best to find out if its a problem that others are also having and if its known about and already been reported. Your alliance should be very happy to help you and let you know where a problem is happening and how to deal with it. This is likely to be the quickest way to get some answers.

In game Support

The developers have an in game support option to send them a message and report issues. This maybe for game bugs, account issues, reporting bot players and general suggestions.

To access this support, tap on the profile picture on the top left to find your 'General Info' Menu and then select the 'Settings' option. Here there will be the option for 'Help'. Check through the various options or just select 'Contact Support' to fill out the contact form with your details.

Developer Details

You can also contact the developer through their listed details:
[email protected]

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