Call of Duty: Global Operations

Resource Reserve Event

Resource Reserve Event
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Another time limited event that you will find in Call of Duty: Global Operations is the Resource Reserve Event. You can find this under the Events menu which is found by tapping on the gold trophy icon near the top right of the screen.
Resource Reserve Event
This section shows you the currently active events in the game.

This event is there to encourage you to complete the standard activities in the game. And to compete with others in your state for more rewards.

The activities you need to complete are: Gathering, Collecting resources in the base and Defeating terrorists. These are normal activities that you should be completing anyway to gain yourself the resources you need to progress, but during the vent each of the activities you complete has a chance to award you with a resource chest item with additional resources.

The resource items will be delivered to you in a mail so be sure to check your mail and collect the chests you are sent.
Resource Reserve Event
The total chests that you manage to collect during the events will be used to rank you against other players and at the end of the event the top 100 players will receive an extra prize. The list of prizes available and the current leader board for the event can be found in the Event page by tapping the buttons at the bottom.

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