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Zakhaev's Revenge Event

Zakhaev's Revenge Event
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Zakhaev's Revenge is an event in Call of Duty: Global Operations that offers a new world boss level enemy to attack for rewards. The event lasts for several days before ending and presumably will return on a regular basis.

The aim of the event is to attack a boss level enemy with a rally involving your alliance members and gain rewards. The objective it so gain Zakhaev cards to allow you to recruit this character as a commander.

How to play the event
The first step to play the event is to attack normal terrorist locations on the map. With each victory during the event you have the chance to obtain a 'Zakhaev's gun' item. These items are then used to spawn the main Zakhaev boss enemy.

Collect your rewards in the mail from the terrorist attacks and look for the Zakhaev Box items which may contain the gun items. If you receive the gun items they will be found in your inventory under the 'Other' tab.

The items come in 4 types each of which will summon a different difficulty Zakheav enemy.
- Uncommon,
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary
The enemies are not difficult to defeat though as even the legeday one only recommends 9000 tier 1 troops. Legendary items will be rarer though but have better chances of rewards.

Tap a gun item to use it and it will place a new Zakhaev enemy on the map somewhere near your base. You can then tap on the enemy and select Rally to start a rally against it. Remember to choose a time that will allow other alliance members time to reach your base to join the rally before it starts.

Starting a rally or joining other members rallies will cost you 200 stamina points though which is far more than the usual 50 for a terrorist attack. You need to bear this in mind as it limits the number of attacks you can make.

Once you complete the rally and defeat the enemy you will receive another mail with your rewards. These vary but may contain cod points and other items and hopefully one ore more Victor Zakhaev cards.

Keep completing these rallies to earn more reward and the Victor Zakhaev cards. Once you have 10 cards you can go to the Commander menu and synthesize Zakhaev as a new Commander. The more cars you can obtain though the more yo uwull have ready for when you want to upgrade him.


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