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The Bootcamp Event

The Bootcamp Event
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This event was initially titled the Newbie Camp Event.

When you start playing Call of Duty: Global Operations there will be a lot of activities to do, buildings to construct and upgrade and troops to train amongst other things. There is a lot to figure out and get used to but one benefit of this early stage of the game is the rewards it give to keep you interested and give you a boost start to your base survival.

Once of the areas that you should remember to check and benefit fro is the Newbie Camp Event. You can find this under the Events menu which is found by tapping on the gold trophy icon near the top right of the screen.
The Bootcamp Event
This section shows you the currently active events in the game.

The Newbie camp event is a time limited event that appears when you are a new player. You will be able to collect rewards over the first 8 days depending on the amount of progress you can make, It is well worth checking this event regularly over those first few days to see what you can claim and what else you need to do to unlock more rewards.
The Bootcamp Event
On each of the first 5 days day you will unlock new items to claim and at the end of the event you will be able to get even more rewards based on the amount of progress you make. Make sure you make the most of your start in the game and work your way through the items in this event.


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