Rise of Heroes

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death - A Mystery Hidden Object Game (Full)

Version: 1.0.0 | 9+

The Jazz Pepper Club

Refer back to this photo above since you will be entering and exiting the club several times over.


Yellow - Key items
Green - Event trigger
Red - Main locations of interest

Talk to the woman first to trigger an event. You will be brought outside the club.

Check first John's diner to get an item that will be needed shortly to get a key item inside the club. Get some items inside the bag attached to the bike as this will be used shortly on a main location of interest, You will be subjected to another puzzle (albeit a really easy puzzle) in order to unlock the van and then, a mini-game!

Same mini-game as the one you solved in the wedding tent, albeit much more complex as there are puzzles within the puzzles!

Talk to the bouncer (guy within the red circle, eclipsed by the woman as seen in the picture above) and you can open the door within the red circle. You can now get the items inside the room and a main location of interest will be revealed but you do not have access to it yet.

In order to gain access, talk to the guy on the table and then use the jukebox. You will get an item here that allows you to get a drink from the bartender. Give the drink to the guy on the table and then give him another one this time mixing the item you got from John's diner. The guy will leave the table leaving behind the key. You can now enter back the room and open the main location of interest. You will be subjected to a fighting mini-game (use the same item you got from John's diner) and bam! A few scenes later and the area is finished.

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