Cadenza: The Kiss of Death - A Mystery Hidden Object Game (Full)

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death - A Mystery Hidden Object Game (Full)

Power, Pleasure, Pain

Power, Pleasure, Pain
One of the more natural games for the mobile platform are point-and-click adventures. Hence, you will find several games competing in this space. It will be difficult for any game to stand out in this crowd without offering something new. Cadenza: The Kiss of Death offers nothing new, but is still one of the best in the genre because of its polish and production values.

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death is the second Cadenza game, I have never played the first title, hence this review will not draw comparisons of the two. Checking the first Cadenza game’s listing on the App Store (Cadenza: Music, Betrayal, and Death), it seems like both of the games share the same core gameplay (being hidden-object puzzler / point-and-click adventure) and nothing is changed radically. It is also noteworthy to mention that the first game is a highly praised game.

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In Cadenza: The Kiss of Death, you play as Ella, a soon-to-be-bride. Right on your wedding day, you find your fiancée, Anthony, on the phone having a shady conversation with an unknown person. And then a series of wild events takes place including a murder and your fiancée going crazy. All of these mysterious circumstances are marked with a kiss mark (the lipstick mark, not the hicky). You then investigate this mystery, searching for Anthony, collecting clues, completing puzzles, among other things.

There are mini-games peppered throughout the game to pace out the heavy hidden-object hunting. This makes the game a lot easier to digest and prevents you from feeling burned out. Mini-games include memory games, shape-sorters, and other logic-based puzzles.

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Longevity is not the game’s strongest suit. This is to be expected because of the genre. However, you can play the game again in higher difficulties. The perfect setting for your first playthrough is just playing the game on the highest difficulty (Maestro). You will skip the tutorial, there are no sparkles on the hidden objects, hint and skip buttons are disabled, and the icon does not change over active areas.

The reason for this is, you will have no reason to sit through the entire game in higher difficulties when you already know all the locations of the hidden objects, solutions of the puzzles, and the chronology of the areas to explore.

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The graphics of this game is amazing. It does not employ photo-realistic graphics, instead, it has this watercolor hand-drawn artstyle that looks gorgeous on your screen. The animations are also great, from characters’ movement to object interactions.

The best part of the Cadenza: The Kiss of Death is its sound department. The voice acting is lovely, the sound effects are phenomenal, and the background music are just magnificent. Of course, this should not be a surprise since the game’s setting is in the jazz era in New Orleans. You ought to expect spectacular pieces, and you will not be disappointed.

At $6.99, you might find the prize high but it is fitting. You get a complete, highly polished games with a lot of extras on top. This is one of the most well-written game in the mobile space, and more importantly, the core gameplay is more than serviceable. You will not be paying $0.99 for more hints. You pay once, and this is yours forever.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Jasper Nikki | Nov 15th 2015

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